What The Heck is USAA’s Special Offer

What The Heck is USAA’s Special Offer

It’s a special What the Heck Wednesday today for two reasons. First, I’m sharing some serious money-saving info about a special offer from USAA. It’s an amazing deal for anyone looking to buy a home with a VA Loan! But what’s really fun about this particular WTHW is that it’s my first WTHW interviewing someone. Yep, I’m legit now! Or so I thought.

This inaugural WTHW interview began when I heard that USAA is waiving the origination fee on VA purchase loans through USAA Bank. I thought it made sense to interview someone with knowledge about this opportunity, so I worked it out with USAA to talk with a member of their mortgage team, Travis Peace. Being the consummate professional that I am, I coordinated a method to record the interview and sent USAA all the details. Because of the platform, I insisted on using to record. There were a few hiccups getting online. But we got it all figured out and back on track quickly when I say we, I mean Travis. He was on track, me not so much.

Since there was a delay in starting, I wanted to jump right into the interview as to not waste an extra moment of Travis’s time. I quickly explained how I was going to do the interview and then jumped right in. I hit record and started talking away about my special WTHW and then introduced Travis. With the intros done I started with my first question. Travis gave an awesome answer and I thought, “I’m so glad I decided to record this interview.” That’s when I looked down and realized I, in fact, was not recording the interview. My stomach dropped.  I was mortified I had to cut Travis off in mid-sentence and admit I had not been recording.

If I’d been quicker on my feet, I would’ve said something like, “I didn’t like how I introduced you, let’s try that again.” But I did not. I could only laugh at myself and quickly admit my mistake. Thankfully Travis has a good sense of humor. What I did not have the courage to tell him was that only two weeks before, I had filmed a WTHW by myself and made the same mistake of not hitting record. Apparently, I didn’t learn my lesson the first time.


The good news is, we started over, I pushed record that time and had a great interview. You can watch Travis and I discuss USAA’s special offer to waive origination fees on VA home loans through USAA bank here.


What The Heck is USAA’s Special Offer





If you want to learn more about USAA’s special offer visit https://www.usaa.com/mortgage or call 1-800-531-0341. The offer ends March 31, 2018! A special thank you to Travis Peace from USAA for taking the time to share his knowledge.


Thank you for watching.