How to Build Your Best Financial Life (with J.D. Roth)

How to Build Your Best Financial Life (with J.D. Roth)

We all want to thrive not just survive when it comes to money. In this episode, we’re discussing taking steps to build your best financial life. And my guest knows a thing or two about that. 


J.D. Roth is an accidental personal-finance expert. For many years, he was a typical American consumer and more than $35,000 in debt to show for it. In 2006, he started writing at GetRichSlowly.org in an effort to document his progress as he dug out of debt and learned to build wealth. Today, he’s debt-free. J.D. is dedicated to helping others master their money — and their lives. And he hopes one day to meet Taylor Swift.


Today’s game time is my favorite. It was fun to have a game that matches the guest perfectly.  I can’t wait for everyone to hear the results! 


Build Your Best Financial Life Episode Details


  • What living your best financial life looks like 
  • Steps people should take to get out of debt and build wealth
  • Steps you can take to start investing when you’re scared
  • The first two steps someone who wants to reach financial independence should take 
  • The steps to take when you’re scared to invest money
  • What steps can people take to get in the right headspace to take new financial steps?
  • The impacts self-sabotage in financial success
  • How to cut negative self talk out of your life


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