Lacey Langford, The Military Money Expert®

I’m often curious to find out what other people use in their day-to-day life and business. I love it when they “do a Dorothy” and pull back the curtain to go behind the scenes. To share the stuff that helps make them successful or at the least, their life easier. If you’re curious, here are my resources, a list of things that help me in life and business. But first, a heads up.

When you see a link, know that it’s my personal affiliate link. Which means if you click on it, I’ll instantly receive a ton of money. Alright, that’s wishful thinking.

In reality, if you click on the link and sign-up/order/do something, I will receive a small financial benefit depending on the link you use. The money I earn from your affiliate links is at zero cost to you. The money I make from affiliate links helps me keep my website up and running not go to Vegas—thank you.

I have not included anything that I don’t Like it, like it a lot or love it. Everything on here is something I either use for business or my day-to-day life. Since I’m a believer in “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at, all,” I’ve left off the stuff I’m not a fan of.




I’m not even going to try and hide it. I’m obsessed with this resource! If you haven’t heard of or checked out Airtable before, you need to. It’s a cross between a database and a spreadsheet to help you manage your business and projects. I use it for my podcast, video planning, content calendar plus special projects. I’ve even begun using it in my personal life for a family chore chart! Airtable has templates you can use to help kick-start your organization. It’s the #1 resource that makes my life and business easier. Absolutely, love this one!


I’m all about some Amazon shopping, it’s my go-to resource. With my crazy work schedule and family life, it is often easier for me to do basic household shopping online using Subscribe & Save and Amazon Prime (it’s in our budget). I use Amazon for anything from our favorite paper towels, soap, and to rent movies. I use my favorite coupon/saving site (see below) to find out when my favorite items are on sale. Love, love.


I use Bluehost for website hosting.


Calendly is an easy and convenient way for me to schedule meetings with not only clients but anyone trying to find a time to meet up with me. It takes away the annoying back and forth emails of trying to figure out what day and time work with each person you are trying to meet with. Like.


Canva is a super fun tool that I use for my website and social media. It helps me make professional images, infographics, and more. I was nervous about giving making my own images a go, but it was easy right off the bat to use. You can even create a Snapchat filter with it. Love it!

Rakuten (formerly Ebates)

This is a cool resource that I use to save moola when I shop online (which is a lot)! By using Rakuten for Chrome, they let me know how much cash back I’ll get whenever I’m shopping online. It adds up and reduces the cost of items I buy online. LOVE this one!


I’ve learned in business, sometimes I need to ask for help. If not, I will be limited in what I can accomplish. When I need to hire out work, I use Fiverr. I’ve used them for graphic design and audio work. Like it.


There are many things that I’m good at but spelling and grammar don’t make that list. Because of this, Grammarly is something I use ALL of the time. If I’m writing anything online, I’m using it. I have it attached to Google Chrome, and it helps me with anything from emails to website and Facebook posts. So if you see a mistake in my writing, blame it on Grammarly. ???? Like it a lot!


I use Lasso to make it super easy to manage my affiliate programs. 


To create landing pages, I use Leadpages and love it. It’s been very helpful for webinars and to sell my coaching services online. 


MilMoneyCon is an annual conference with the largest gathering of military financial professionals.

  • Foster community among military financial professionals
  • Ignite conversations on trends, resources, problems & solutions within our community
  • To arm military financial professionals with tools and resources to increase their earning power


Tailwind is something I use to schedule and promote my Pinterest account. Like it.


I’m a huge fan of Thinkific. This is the platform I use for my course, The Financial Coaching Business Builder.

Quickbooks Self Employed

Unless you’re into that sort of thing, bookkeeping isn’t a whole lot of fun. But it’s a necessary evil when you’re self-employed. What I like most about Quickbooks Self Employed is how user-friendly it is. Everything is easy, invoicing my clients, taking pictures of my business receipts and even adding my gas mileage. I’m all about making my business process easy and efficient. FYI, using my link will get you 50% off. LOVE it!


To meet with clients and business partners online, I use Zoom’s Basic plan which is free (I’m all about keeping costs low). So far, I haven’t needed to upgrade to their Pro Plan but will stick with Zoom when I need to. My clients like using Zoom because it’s easy and user-friendly. I would recommend this platform to anyone doing meetings online. I like it a lot!


I use Wavve to create audio snippets from my podcast episodes. It’s a fun way to bring my social media images to life plus give a preview of the episodes. Love it!