About Me

Figuring out what to do with your money can be overwhelming, not to mention frustrating as heck. And that doesn’t even include your military career. Poor money management in the military? No sir or ma’am. You’re held to a higher standard. That’s where I can help.

Money + military = my thing

I’m Lacey Langford, AFC, military wife, mom, and veteran. I was raised everywhere (yep, Army brat) and served in the U.S. Air Force, where I kicked some serious butt as an Information Manager. All right, maybe not butt-kicking, but I did do some mean performance report editing.

Thanks to my parents, I was raised to spend less than I made and save for the future. Now, that doesn’t mean I always listened (there were some financial hiccups in my 20s). After I separated from the Air Force, I pursued a career in finance to learn how to take my money knowledge to the next level. Here’s where my creds come in:

  • B.S. in Business Administration from UNC at Wilmington
  • Executive Certificate from Duke University
  • Accredited Financial Counselor®
  • Candidate for CFP® certification

I married my Air Force sweetheart, who transferred to the Army. We had two little Army brats of our own and for years lived the nomad life, going wherever the military sent us. That was amazing but let’s be honest, nomads can have difficulty finding work. I spent years honing my craft by volunteering on military installations helping Soldiers and their families with their finances. But as much as I loved trying to win over a hostile Soldier being ordered to get financial counseling, I wanted a paying gig. So out of frustration with the military cramping my career plans, I decided to make my own j-o-b. And that, folks, is how this all began.

I started a coaching business that I could pack up on a moment’s notice and PCS with. As part of my business, I created LaceyLangford.com to help service members, veterans, and their families get their financial lives running smoothly.

More on Lacey: Work with Me

Now my hubby’s retired from the Army, and we live in North Carolina with our two wild and crazy boys.

Lacey’s Official Bio

Lacey Langford is a financial coach, veteran, milspouse, and entrepreneur who changes people’s mindset from being fearful of money to having control and confidence with it. She’s an Accredited Financial Counselor® with over 15 years of financial planning, counseling, and coaching experience. Military and money are her jams.

Lacey’s the founder and CEO of the Military Money Show, a podcast dedicated to helping the military community with personal finance, and MilMoneyCon, a national conference for financial professionals united by military service.